Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Obscured View

I haven't posted in a long time. Mostly because I lost sight of what I thought this blog should be, or what I wanted it to be. I am not one for confessional outpourings. A few people I know have intense, wonderful blogs onto which they bare their souls regularly. Some of these are beautifully written, their deepest emotions wrought in clever turns of phrase and imagery. I envy them their bravery, but that isn't me. I am one who publicly masks much in my life with a humorous spin. Call it a survival tactic. The deeper stuff I must handle subtly and with care. I think I want the blog to be more about the pictures, my photographs, small snippets of my days, and occasionally, a tiny epiphany or two.

In the middle of winter I am amazed as always by the stunning skies, the frothy blossoms on the plum and cherry trees - and my birthday, with wild dancing with friends last weekend that made me feel about twelve-years-old; shamelessly self-indulgent. This is really the beginning of my New Year.