Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gals' Night In

I spent a fantastic evening last weekend with two of my favorite people. I will call them Nanny Goat and Wild Girl. These are not really pseudonyms because, well, this really is what I call them, no joke. Since it was Wild's Birthday it was necessary to make a Wild Rumpus at Nanny Goat's house until 2:30 AM. The Wild Rumpus consisted of lying around drinking champagne, talking and laughing our asses off until it was too late to go out to a restaurant so we were obliged to order takeout at 11:00 PM. Italian, of course. Here are just a few reasons why I love the gals:

They both have loud laughs.

They are both very creative and have a great sense of style.

They are both opinionated as hell and not afraid to speak their minds.

We call eachother "Duuude!"

One of them quacks like a duck.

The other one squeaks.

They are both beautiful.

They are both brilliant and well-read.

They can both dance up a storm.

We decided that each of us has at least one excellent physical attribute that would make a combination of all three of us the "perfect woman" (No I am NOT telling...)

We have taken some great road trips together.

We have had some good cries together.

They make me laugh until I....

I have known them for 24 years. That's along time, people.

There is much much more of course, but there is no way I'm sharing it on the Internet. That's another thing - these women know how to Keep A Secret.

Thanks WG and NG!!

Love, Sequoia (aka Trunkasaur)