Sunday, January 01, 2006

Shameless Moi

Here I am in my new (to me) 1998 Volvo station wagon. Those who know me well know that I don't really give a damn about cars except that since this transplanted NYC girl has lived in California (20 plus years now thank you very much) I have been indoctrinated into the car culture. Being a commuting working mom adds to this pure necessity - hence the very un-sexy Volvo - my second one. I am one of those peculiar souls who will only own one make of car - over and over again. I can now happily retire my light yellow 1986 "beater" which sits now un-driveable, in our driveway. But hey, she did great in her lifetime of service and only has 283,000 miles on her (a mere pittance for a Volvo) If anyone can get Goldie to start again, they are welcome to her. Otherwise, she gets donated to charity by the end of the week. So long, old girl…

So…moving on into 2006, in addition to so-called resolutions, I try to carry over some of the wisdom gleaned from living through 2005, and take it from there:

Keep my sense of humor
Learn Photoshop well enough to be teaching it by years end
Be kind to Joe and the kids even when I feel like hell
Say "No" when it is to my benefit, rather than "Yes" just to please others
Continue to be brave in my writing and photography (and life)
Get more work published
Pay attention to my intuition
Be kind but honest with those I care about
Laugh often
Trust myself
No regrets

Happy New Year