Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Polaroid Love

Since the Polaroid Corporation has announced that it will no longer be producing instant film materials after the end of 2008, my appreciation for the low-tech charm of the Polaroid print has resurfaced with a passion. Why is it that we sometimes love things more when we know they will soon be taken from us? Hmmmmm. That might be too big a question to ponder fully here….

I have an extensive collection of Polaroids from the many years (before digital) that I enjoyed the instant gratification of this lovely camera. I got my first Polaroid camera when I was about 13 ( a great age for appreciating instant gratification in any form) and I still have it , in addition to two other later models.

The above picture is just a few weeks old, taken with my 1980’s era Spectra (my newest model) As wonderful as Polaroid is for its charmingly unrealistic color shifts, this one is pretty true to life. These brown-red sunsets have been common in California this summer due to the numerous forest fires burning around the state.

For further links on Polaroid, and information on which other photo companies are still manufacturing instant film, check these sites. Also stay tuned for more Polaroid postings here, both vintage and contemporary.